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【KZ1 Affiliate】 Good news if you live in China!




Dajiri has started a company called KZ1 in Japan to become the No.1 fight chemical brand.


Last year, the Chinese market opened in October 2019.


It is the homepage of the Chinese branch of KZ1.




It is a main product, but we are dealing with fight chemical skin care called Resonance 396, and we are looking for those who can affiliate with the product in China.


For example, if you put the URL where you can purchase the product on an SNS such as WeChat and purchase the product from that link, you can pay $ 70 as a referral fee per purchase .


In other words, if 100 people buy one box every month via someone from the URL you pasted, $ 7500 will go to you every month.

That means 50 people get 2 boxes, $ 7000 each month if you purchase via the URL you pasted.


If you live in China (regardless of nationality), if you are interested please DM on Twitter!